Sunday, April 14, 2013

Things I learned from the Convention

At the Cincinnati Convention, I heard so many wonderful stories and ideas!  I thought I'd put a conglomerate spin on what I gleaned from the convention.

  • Having discussions with my children is probably the single most important thing I can do as a homeschool teacher.  I learned how to ask the right questions to foster good discussions.
  • Good discussions boost their reading comprehension, their writing skills, and their critical / analytical skills.
  • Choosing one great book and reading it slowly, soaking in all of its merits, is better than reading 10 great books quickly.
  • As homeschoolers we should be "teaching from a state of rest" - this is something I have heard Andrew Kern say several times, but I'm beginning to comprehend it, and interpret it in my own life.  (Of course, I have my relapses...) 
  • You can make up goofy songs to remember algebra formulas:) (never considered that before!)
  • Getting our students to ask questions before they read their texts, and then finding those answers within the text, can help boost their understanding of non fiction (textbooks, informative non fiction, etc.).
  • I've never heard such a beautiful reading from the Bible of Martha and Mary as I did from Linda Lacour Hobar (Mystery of History).  I expected so little from her talk entitled "Martha and Mary Decide to Homeschool", thinking "yeah, yeah, another organized mom will tell me how to pull my act together by telling to me make a rigid schedule" - lol.  But was not only helpful, but entirely relatable, and heartfelt. 
  • I need to keep is imperative that I (the homeschool mom) learn those very things that I did not have the opportunity to learn in school.  If I desire it for my children, I should seek it, myself.  And so, reading Great Books, and tackling Latin, and figuring out Math...these are all worthy goals to develop myself.

And my husband taught me:

He is amazing home organizer and manager; he completes me:)

The kids do really well with some structure in their daily grind, a morning shower, and a clean home.

I actually CAN keep a clean kitchen, so long as my husband designs a system for me, because otherwise, I am hopeless in that department.

Things I wish I had done at the Convention, but didn't:

I wish I'd gotten my picture taken with some homeschool celebrities, lol!

And I wish I'd made the time to sit at the Classical Couch, and have a good discussion with some amazing people.


Sarah said...

Just stumbled upon your log. Great post! Yes, reading great books, tackling Latin, figuring out math... All the things that I feel deficient in but want so desperately for my children.

Sarah said...

I meant "blog." Of course. :)

Lisa said...

I'm always too shy to ask the "bigwigs" for their picture. Thankfully Darlene isn't as shy! Actually not shy at all. LOL

Love your comments on what you learned. I didn't even consider the Mary/Martha talk even though I really enjoyed Linda Lacour Hobar. I am so much a Martha that those "sermons" always tick me off. :-) Would it be worth a listen?