Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next year

Next year...

G, age 4
Georgie will begin Classical Conversations for the 4-5yos at our new campus. She'll have her own preschool classes at Seeds of Faith homeschool co-op.  She'll start her 2nd year of AWANA Cubbies.  At home, we'll keep working on letter sounds, basic letter writing, basic counting, and maybe start with letter sound blending to make words (probably closer to 4.5-5).  We'll keep reading good books.  She'll keep helping out with cooking and cleaning.  And I should probably organize or attend a few field trips (Fire Station, farm or apple orchard, and nature center).  You know, all the typical preschool-y things.   

Z, turning 11
Z will start Classical Conversations Foundations for the 5th-6th graders (and I might tutor this age level, not sure yet.).  She'll also be in CC's Essentials class, which covers grammar and writing, with some math fact practice.  She'll take enrichment classes at Seeds of Faith.  She'll be in her Very Last Year of AWANA and will graduate with the other 6th graders next April (sniff, sniffle...).  She'll continue with 2 church musicals (Sept-Dec, Jan-Apr).  At home:

Horizons 5 Math, finish mid-year and begin 6
Grammar & Writing: CC (IEW Middle Ages, and CC's unique grammar program)
History: continue Story of the World, will read right on through the books + CC memorization
Science: ? (Abeka Order and Design?) + CC memorization and CC experiments
Literature: ?
Music: continue piano

A, turning 13
This is the topic of much frustration. 
Seeds of Faith co-op is a definite.  It will be her last year for the church musical (8th grade) and she will probably have a good acting role.  She will be a leader for AWANA Cubbies.  CC....she would be ready for the Challenge program, but we do not have a tutor for this, as of yet.

I've looked at so many programs, online classes, etc. and nothing quite meets my goals for her, and her goals for herself, like Challenge.  I keep looking at tutoring it myself, but I do not think it will work out for me this year.  I would loooove to tutor Challenge.  In fact, I think I was created to tutor Challenge:)  However, I will also have a 4 year old, and moms of 4-year-olds have a rather awkward problem on their hands.  First, the 4-year-old actually needs someone watching her for 3-4 hours on Monday afternoons for 24 weeks and full days for 6 weeks.  Second, the mom of the 4-year-old needs time outside of class to learn the material and plan lessons.  This is not easy to come by.  So, if I had a babysitter for 12-16 hours per week, for 30 weeks, we'd be good to go!  But alas...so I will just sit and wait.  I will trust that God has a plan for this child, and He will provide for her.  In the meantime, I'll just so the best I can with what I have, and hope it's enough.  What I'm finding from wiser, more experienced homeschool moms is that God's grace IS sufficient, and these children (under His care) grow up and shine in the real world, when that day comes.  Even when the parents of these children (ahem) seem to be royally messing it up. 

So my plan for her is to watch and wait on the Lord.  Yeah. 

Me, 38 (lol)
I'm planning on teaching a blogging class at Seeds of Faith.  A is hoping to take the class.  I'm excited about this class and hope it flies (you never know until registration if a class will be cancelled).  I might tutor CC 5th-6th graders in Foundations (unless the heavens open and I'm able to tutor Challenge A, which we are not counting on).

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