Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Long time no write

Everyone is finally better!  Z improved on Friday and was completely recovered on Saturday: just in time for dress rehearsal for the church musical.  The kids were in the musical on Sunday, performing Good Kings Come in Small Packages (about King Josiah in the Bible).  It was an awesome musical and the kids performed wonderfully.  I was very proud of both of them:-) 

That's it.  I think that was the last planned activity for the year, and now we are done with everything except the last few weeks of school.  We're making Week 33 drag on for about 3 weeks now, lol!  I'm ready to throw in the towel!  I'm thinking ahead to next year, but have very little enthusiasm left for this year. 

The weather is finally improving.  67 degrees outside right now.  We took a long walk until I saw Georgie wiggling and dancing, and realized that we didn't visit the potty before we left (oops). 

I keep dreaming ahead about how wonderful next year will be, and how great the plans.  I'm not sure how I can make next year stellar, though, when I can barely pull one day's lessons together to finish up this year.  I'm just done. Done, done, done. 

Before the convention, I was all caught up on laundry (thanks, Mom! - she came over and helped me fold).  After convention, everyone got sick and I washed an endless supply of towels, bedding, and PJs, but no clothing.  Now we are woefully behind on laundry; the first indication being dh asking, "do I have any underwear?".  It's hard to tackle the mountainous load when I'm feeling rather day-dreamy, drifty, and spontaneous ("hey, let's skip work and play outside!").  (But, I did, in fact, wash underwear for dh, because I'm a good wifey).

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