Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back on the couch

Now Z has the stomach virus.  It's weird how it hits: dinner goes down just fine, and then all of sudden - whammo! The kid is crying and complaining of sharp pains, lower down (around the intestines).  It lasts a very long time - you don't eat for 2 days, and day 3 is still iffy.  Even day 4 and 5 is iffy.  It's a long time before you can tackle a real meal.

It went through G and A, and I thought I had it, although mine took a different course.  I had the sharp pains, but not as bad, and I slept through most of mine.  I didn't vomit (though almost did, once), and I was able to eat by day 3.  I'm really hoping I had it already! 

A is on day 5, and even now, she has intense pain in the late morning/early afternoon.  She cries on the couch for an hour, and then gradually feels a bit better.  She's fine by 1pm and ready to live out a (mostly) normal day.  She does her school work at that point, and plays outside. 

We're technically on Week 33, but I'm not sure why...lol.  Why are we doing school?  What is the purpose?  It is much harder to be a mom and teacher with a sick older kid than a sick little kid. The 3yo just sat on my lap while she was sick.  I could easily teach with a sick little one on my lap.  I had no where to go, and nothing to do, other than throw in the next load of sicky-laundry.  Then, I'd just sit there and teach, while comforting the little one.  Now, the little one is recovered, and causing much chaos.  The older one is sick and needy.  The other one is attempting schoolwork, but frustrated by my lack of attention to her questions.  And then, the weather is nice, so when there is a reprieve to the sickies, everyone wants outside! 

One more thing happened between last week and this week: G burned her hand on the stove.  It was her day 6 and she was finally eating.  It was bedtime, but she was hungry, so I made her a quick egg to eat.  After she finished eating her egg, she came over to ask for another.  She looked at the stove and said, "See, it's not hot!" and put her hand on it.  I tried calming her down for an hour, but she was still crying.  We'd cooled it down, given Ibuprofen, put antibiotic ointment on it, and wrapped it.  We'd tried candy and tv shows to calm her.  Nothing did it, so I packed up G and a just-barely-recovering A in the car, and we headed to 24/7 urgent care.  Except that 24/7 urgent care now closes at 10pm.  So we drove around to other urgent cares, which also close at 10.  We landed at Meijer around midnight for some OTC cream, and G was much calmer and coherent.  "I'm sorry, I won't touch the stove again," she said.  So we headed home and she slept fine.  The burn looks much better now, and it was not as bad as I thought (I had suspected 2nd degree burn, but it is not).  I probably didn't need to run all over hill and dale looking for urgent care, but I couldn't tell how bad it was at the time.  At least the car ride settled her and kept me busy, lol.

So that has been my exciting 2 weeks, and here we are again...back on the couch.

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Lisa said...

Oh that just sounds HORRIBLE, Sarah! I can't even imagine. Hang in there! Summer's comin'!!