Saturday, March 30, 2013

Z's Science Report


An invention is anything that reduces human effort that is human made and original. It is only known as an invention if it is a new invention or an improved invention. Some say that the most important invention was the wheel. Others say it was electricity and the light bulb. But I think the most important invention was tools. They are one of the main things we use every day. Only later did people start to realize how to use levers and pulleys. These things also made a huge change in the community. With levers and wheels put together you could be rich! With electricity, wheels and levers you could basically be a king! In places all over the world it was a big race to see who could improve their area most! Even today it is a big race. Even some of these things changed war dramatically. Now people were putting their theories to a test. It also helped people see others war theories and try it themselves. So you see, lots of things rely on inventions and keeping them moving because, imagine that everything we invented disappeared. We wouldn’t be ready! We would also be so used to these new things that so much change and so much more work would be hard to keep up!

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