Saturday, March 30, 2013

Z's history report

A Peak Into the Past - Alexander the Great

Today we are going to talk about Alexander the Great. You see, he was born a strong, fearless child. Once, he begged his father to take him to the market. There, they saw a horse that was wild and crazy. Alexander pleaded his father to get him for him but, his father said he was to wild to ride. After a long argument they decided that if Alexander could ride him than, he would get the horse for Alexander. Alexander turned the horse around and rode him like a champ. Alexander was smart too! He figured out that the horse was just scared of his shadow!  Alexander’s father unhappily bought the horse for Alexander. When Alexander grew up he captured many, many areas. Once, Alexander went to India and saw a knotted rope. The legend was that whoever untied the knot would rule the rest of Asia! Very many people had tried but no one could untie the knot.  Alexander decided to give it a try. He took out his sword and slashed the knot in half. No one had ever thought of that before! Alexander built a powerful civilization wining war after war on his faithful horse. The horse was the same one from the market that his father got for him!

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