Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Review, Weeks 30 and 31, 2012-13

Math: through lesson 24, covering expressions with one variable, story problems, inequalities with one variable, and decimal-review.  Examples of some of her math problems in Pre-Algebra:

4(x-1) = 3x +7 and

6x - 5 > x +5

(note: her book did not actually teach the distributive property, so we did a crash course on that today.  I like Horizons Math, but they spring things like that on you, sometimes.  You sort of have to know the math to teach it, or learn it on the fly).

Grammar: through page 102.  Direct objects, transitive and intransitive verbs, and indirect objects.

History: finished book about the Presidents (Smart About the Presidents).

Science: Chapter 8 Birds (Abeka Order and Design)

Writing: wrote 4 paragraphs about the Presidents.  Still needs to write 3 paragraphs about Birds.

Piano lessons

Math: through lesson 43, covering one and two digit quotient division, division with decimals (dividend only), factor trees, prime numbers, exponents, and multiplication with big numbers. Examples:

808 x 411, 

10squared, 10cubed, 10 to the 4th power, 10 to the 5th power, 10 to the 6th power...

68 / 5

Grammar: through page 102, Noun Determiners (words that help determine a noun, like a/an/the, this/that/these, his/her/its/our, etc.)

History: into chapter 30-something of Story of the World vol 1. 

Science: Inventions

Literature:  I put The Odyssey on her new kindle fire to read.  I think she is about half way through the Odyssey.

Writing: wrote about Alexander the Great for history, wrote about Inventions for science.

Piano lessons


Classical Conversations with friends this week.  We have about 4 weeks left of Cycle 1 CC material for this year.  We have worked on the timeline from the beginning of ancient times through the Great Depression and the New Deal this year.  Our history sentence was about the Mexican Revolution.  They reviewed 3rd declension nouns for Latin.  Science was about the parts of the atmosphere.  Grammar was helping verbs.  Math was circumference of a circle. 

Last Friday was our last Homeschool Co-op and we had the End of the Year program.  A played The Entertainer beautifully on the piano for the program.  Z played one of her own compositions on piano - which we all encouraged her to do (we all talked her into changing her song for something she made up herself). I was so very proud of both of them!  A and a lab partner performed a science "magic trick".  Both kids had their artwork displayed with their classmates on the walls.  (note to self: post photos of these later).

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