Saturday, March 30, 2013

A's Science Report


Birds have better eyesight than any other animal. Birds’ eyes are huge compared to their head. Birds also have very flexible necks. Owls can’t move their eyes, but they can move their heads 180o around their bodies. Most birds can twist their necks and see all the way around their bodies.

The hardest part of a bird’s flight is takeoff. They have to use a lot of wing strength to lift their bodies of the ground. Some birds climb really high on a tree of cliff and then jump off. Large aquatic birds like geese use the water like a runway. They run on the water and flap their wings until they take off.

There are types of birds, perching birds, birds of prey, water birds, game birds, tropical birds, and flightless birds. The peregrine falcon is a bird of prey, and it is the fastest bird, reaching 200 miles per hour while flying. The humming bird is a perching bird. The humming bird can beat its wings around 52 times per second. The hummingbird is also the smallest bird.

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