Saturday, March 30, 2013

A's History Report

The Presidents (Pt 1)

Presidents 1-3

The first president ever was President George Washington. George Washington was the first president to ever have not lived in the white house. The second president was John Adams. The third president was Tomas Jefferson, who bought the Louisiana Purchase.

Presidents 4-6

President james Madison was the 4th and the shortest president. The 5th was james monroe and monroes first daughter was the first person to get married in the white house. John Quincy Adams was the next president, and the first president to have his picture taken.

Presidents 7-9

Andrew Jackson was president number 7, and at his funral, his pet parot had to be taken away because it was swearing. The 8th president was martin van buren, who came up with the idea of the government to have its own treasury. The 9th president was William h. Harrison, his first speech was an hour and 40 minutes in the rain. He then caught a cold and died after being in office for just 32 days. He also had 10 kids and 48 grandchildren.

Presidents 10-12

President John Tyler had 15 children, that’s the most children ever born to any other president. The 11th president was james k. polk. Then the 12th president was Zachary taylor, and he was a horrible speller.

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