Saturday, March 2, 2013

A puppy story (or two?)

Friday night, I began spouting off information like the know-it-all that I am.  I'm not sure how I arrived at this topic, but it was about Cleopatra and how she died. 

My husband says "are you willing to bet that's how she died?"

I was absolutely sure that's how she died, and I was willing to stand by my words.

"Would you bet 2 puppies?" he asked.  "If you're wrong, then we have to get 2 puppies in the next 3 months."

The kids were ecstatic.  Their hopes were soaring high.  They knew one thing: their mom is a know-it-all, and she'd probably bet the farm to prove she's right.

The husband threw in a new quandary, "you're sure that's how Cleopatra died, and you're certain that no new discoveries have revealed the truth?"

My mind was racing; how could it not be true?  But then I remembered Queen Hatshepsut and all the to-do about her being murdered by an angry half-brother bent on revenge.  Supposedly, her body was destroyed by this half-brother, so that she wouldn't have that grand old Egyptian afterlife.  Later, scientists were able to find her mummy and discovered that she died of a tooth infection.  Hmmm.  Not a very exciting story.

So maybe Cleopatra didn't die the way I think she died...Was I willing to adopt 2 puppies?  Am I really that proud?

He adds the next statement, "I saw something online about new information about Cleopatra."

Several tense moments of "you're bluffing!" (from me), and "oh, am I?" (from him)

Finally, I give in.  "You're right, I'm wrong," I admit, grudgingly.  "Now, show me the article!"

He digs it up - it's actually about Cleopatra's half sister Arsinoe.  Doh!  So we dig further.  We find out that Cleopatra probably didn't die the way I said she did, and that a good part of that was Shakespeare, who took a little bit of poetic license.  Plutarch's story is similar, but not as close.  But science says she probably didn't die that way.

And in case you're wondering - I said that an asp bit her breast while she was imprisoned (Shakespeare's version).  History says that an asp bit her arm.  But science says it was most likely a poison.

So there you have it.  I saved myself from gaining 2 new family members, right?

Except that the husband and two oldest daughters spent all day searching for puppies and puppy breeders.  Sigh.  Perhaps I should've just said I was right to begin with.

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