Friday, February 22, 2013

Z's History week 26

Today we are going to talk about things like how people found Tutankomen’s tomb. You see, Tutankomen wanted to be a rich and powerful king, like most kings want to be. He died when he was young and one of his last requests was to bury him with lots and LOTS of gold, gems and other precious things. I don’t mean a few gems and a chunk of gold I mean rooms full of gold, a sarcophagus coated in over five layers of gold and items such as chairs and beds made out of gold and plated with gems. His tomb had more worth then most of the old pharaohs’ tombs combined! A few archeologists were digging then saw a step and dug where the step was. They uncovered lots of steps and a passage way to Tutankomen’s tomb. A day after they found the tomb one of the people that saw the tomb died. Many people who went in the tomb died and the word of a curse came around. People were frightened by this especially since the tomb had an inscription that said, I Horus, protector of the dead, say that whoever comes in shall feel my wraith and die.

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