Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Review, Week 26, 2012-13

We had fewer activities this week, mostly because I cancelled them, or they were cancelled by outside forces:)  It was a nice breather week.

Public schools were closed on Tuesday for icy roads, so we had our p.s. friend over to play.  On Thurs, that friend's mom, knowing how overwhelmed I've been, came over and watched the kids while I ran errands. She rallied the kids and got everyone cleaning.  It was such an awesome surprise and I was very blessed!

Friday's co-op was cancelled due to too many absences.  We simply didn't have enough parents to chip in and make the classes happen.

Our only other activities were Monday library story time, and Wednesday's AWANA.  I had cancelled piano, thinking we would take nature center classes for homeschoolers, but I think the kids have outgrown nature center classes.  We just stayed home, instead.

A's accomplishments:

She finished through Lesson 7 in Pre-Algebra.  She's been practicing addition and subtraction with negative numbers, multiplication with negative numbers, absolute value with negatives, factors and multiples.  She completed through Minute 23 in 7th Gr Math Minutes.

She began Abeka's 7th gr science text, Order and Design (covers biology topics).  This text was selected simply to get her used to learning from a textbook.  We skipped to the middle of the book - Classification (Ch 6), and began Mammals (Ch 7).  Her report is here.

She finished Kaya for her history.  Her report is here.

Easy Grammar Plus covered subject-verb agreement, and review.

Literature: should be reading Railway Children - need to double check this.

Z's accomplishments:

Math, covered Place Value, Roman Numerals, and Order

History: read through Story of the World vol 1 chapter 17, read about Egypt's New Kingdom, Israelites leave Egypt, Phoenicians, Assyrians, and Nebechadnezzer and Babylon.  She wrote about the finding of Tutankhamon's tomb here.

Science: continuing the big fat book of Dinosaurs.  Her report is here.

Easy Grammar was about verb tenses, and she just began learning about Linking verbs, with an intro into adjective and adverbs.

Spelling was a combo of words from Sequential Spelling adult and Natural Speller 5th gr list.  This seems to be a good, award-winning combo.  We use Spelling City to make my job much easier.

Literature: The Odyssey is slow and boring, but she's reading small chunks each day.

G's accomplishments:

Her Sunday school papers come home with a bunch of funny looking G's and O's (her attempt to write her name).  She likes identifying family letters (D for daddy, M for mommy, A for big sis, Z for the other big sis, and G for herself).  She's beginning to hear the first sound in some words, or will make early attempts at segmenting word sounds as she pretends to read a book.  Very cute.

Our bedtime routine now involves her taking over the story book and counting things on the page.  She insists that I repeat after her.  We just count and count and count until I wear out and call it a night with the story books (the counting may never end).  She's beginning to include "12" in her counting more often, although still makes the mistake of saying "11, 14" and a host of other silly numbers.

She's spending a lot more time with toys and imaginative play.  This is a very nice thing for me:)  (unless she is frustrated by polly pockets or scared of barbies).

She seems much more fearful of weird things lately.  Her sleep has been very interrupted, too.  I'm wondering if the sleep issues are tied to her daytime fears somehow.  I'm just going with the flow, but very tired.

Emotionally, she's very demanding - using loud, mean voices lately.  She's also hitting a lot, or doing things purposely that she knows will annoy us.  I feel like a broken record lately..."say that nicer", "say you're sorry", "let's find another way to deal with frustration", lol.

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