Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekly Review, Week 25, 2012-13

Math: We reviewed some fractions, decimals, percentages.  We started the first 2 lessons of pre-algebra (using Horizons Pre-Algebra, which just came on the market about 2 years ago?).  She learned the definitions for counting numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational, irrational, and real numbers.  She also reviewed associative, commutative, and identity properties of addition.  Also continuing 7th gr math minutes.

History: reading Kaya (Native Americans)

Science: Finished Arctic and Antarctic, started Jungles

Grammar: Predicate Nominatives

Literature: we put Lord of the Rings on hold (she's bored to death, and not paying attention as she reads.  Eventually, she "forgets" the assignment, altogether.  I've decided this is a progressive "skill" that we'll work on).  Began The Railway Children.

Writing: she wrote reports for history and science

Math: calculator skills, place value.  Took test 1

History: Story of the World chapters 10-12, China, Africa, and Middle Kingdom Egypt

Science: Dinosaurs

Grammar: direct objects, verbs

Literature: The Odyssey, finished another chapter

Writing: wrote reports for history and science


CC: Week 13, which focused on Kush (ancient Africa, just south of Egypt), timeline was Age of Exploration, Science was layers of the earth, Grammar was definition of a helping verb, Latin reviewed the names of noun cases from weeks 1-2, Geography covered NW Africa, Math covered liquid measurement (fluid ounce, cups, pints, quarts, gallons).

We did CC with friends, and drew our own layers of the earth

We were watching Poirot (series about a detective that speaks French) and I asked her if she wanted to learn French.  She said, "no, I want to learn my letters!" and she grabbed a marker and whiteboard, lol.  She can sort of draw an A, G, Z, D.

She worked on a counting game with friends during CC practice.

She did quite a few pages of her preschool workbook (keeps her busy during Math, when I'm lucky).

File Folder games, alphabet

She can trace letters and words now!  This was a big development this week, and helps to keep her busy during lessons:)

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