Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Review, Week 24, 2012-13

Monday & Tuesday, we worked on Test Taking Practice.  I assigned some online tests for the kids to complete using AOP's Monarch placement tests.  It gave me some ideas of areas to cover with them.

Wednesday - Friday, we did our usual work.

Math: She can do 100 multiplication facts in 4 mins and 36 seconds - woohoo!  That's 2.76 seconds per problem (I count 3 seconds per problem as mastery).  She did Math Minutes 12, 13, & 14.

Writing: see her finished products here: Science and History.

History: Welcome to Kaya's World (Native Americans)

Science: Arctic and Antarctic

Grammar: irregular verb past participles, direct objects

Literature: --

Math: Gr 5 is still reviewing past concepts, Missing Addend, Order of Operations, and Equations.

Writing: see her finished products here: Science and History

History: Story of the World chs 7-9, Hammurabi, Assyrians, and India

Science: Dinosaurs

Grammar: irregular verb past participles

Literature: read 1+ chapters of The Odyssey (just past chapter 6)

Classical Conversations: we repeated Week 12, and met up with friends to study together. 

We've been working on writing her name.  She can sort of write what looks like "GOG".
She's been watching Letter Factory and we play the game at the end of the video.  She's recognizing more letters.
She colored in a printed easy reader, which I read to her and pointed to the words. And then she destroyed it.
We briefly worked on some learning games.
She did Classical Conversations and phonics with friends this week.

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