Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines boxes

Lil' G's box, the 3-and-3-quarter year old.  I covered it in sticky white paper and gave her some hearts to glue on.  She had a blast!

A the 12yo's box.  She's decided she really likes horses.  She put up a fence all around, and stable doors (complete with little handles).  We found some beans in my craft storage and thought they'd add a realistic "poop" effect, but decided to go with a lovely, unrealistic view of horses.

Z the 10yo's wedding chapel box.  What can I say about Z?...

...she leaves the box hideously ugly on the outside, but fantastic inside.  Look at the details! The pastor even has a little Bible on his table.

Alas, I think this says something about Z and her character, lol.  And of course, very few people actually looked INSIDE the box. 


~Byn There said...

Love it Zoiya!

Jamie said...

I love those boxes! ALL OF THEM! I think the horse one was so clever, and I love the imagination and execution of the lego wedding!! So great!