Tuesday, February 12, 2013

INFP - Chore Charts (Not!)

Every once in awhile, homeschool moms bring up chore charts, and it all sounds so wonderful and ORGANIZED.  If you live in my camp, then you know the futility that exists when implementing things like chore charts:)  ["I tried a chore chart, once..." I say in a dreamy voice.]  So, I thought I'd share what I do (and make it sound like it works, or something).

1. Look around.  Yup.  It's a mess.  The toilets haven't been scrubbed since the last play date (was that last month? shudder.)

2. Yell loudly, trying to fake a commanding voice.  "Hey, everyone come in the living room!"  Hunt kids down, if necessary.

3.  Institute a "nothing else happens until these rooms are clean" rule.  Reassure them that potty breaks, lunch, and the occasional break will be given.

4. Sometimes we all plug away at the same room.  Other times, kids will want to know which rooms need cleaning, and they'll want to chose their assignments.  Lately, the kids have developed their preferred things to clean: they make deals with each other and divvy up the tasks among themselves.

There.  I didn't have to break the house into zones, draw up charts, and ensure that the kids completed their chores.  Our lives seemed too random on a day to day (hour to hour, mood to mood) basis to chart things in an Excel spreadsheet.  [sidenote: although, I do love organizing things into spreadsheets.  Once organized, I look at my lovely spreadsheet, save it, and forget it was ever made.  But I feel better, for some reason.  Spreadsheets are good for the soul.]


Jamie said...

Oh my word this is just how I do it! LOL! I have my "basics" that we do every day (dishwasher loaded/unloaded, etc), but even those happen at random times. Random-ness rules my roost!

I totally for real laughed right out loud when I read this... particularly about the toilets! HAHAHA!

Jamie said...

By the way, I love the "voice" here... ;)