Friday, February 22, 2013

A's History week 26

In late spring and early summer, groups of the Nez Perce would travel across the Bitterroot Mountains into the plains of Buffalo Country. It would take two months to get from the Nez Perce country to the Buffalo Country.

The Nez Perce used the whole buffalo, so there was no waste. They used the brain for tanning hides. They used the horns for cups, bowls, and spoons. They used the beard for cloths decorations.

They used the hides for robes, bedding, parfleches, teepee covers, shields, and clothing. They also used the bones for knives, arrows, shovels, sled runners, dice, and paint tools. They use the buffalos dung to fuel fire. They used the buffalo’s tail as a bath brush.

Nez perce hunters worked together to hunt buffalo. Sometimes the would make a circe around a herd so there was nowhere to run. Sometimes they would drive the herd off a cliff. Other times, they would herd them into a river, where other hunters with spears were waiting in canoes.

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