Friday, February 1, 2013

A's History Report, Week 24

The Nez Perce were a group of Native Americans. Their name means pierced nose in French. They got their name when white explorers miss took them as a different tribe that wore shells through their noses. They lived through out Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

The Nez Perce were known for their of the first horses they received was a white mare. The Nez Perce were very good horse breeders. Their horses always had unusual spots. Spotted horses then became known as the Nez Perce horse, or appaloosa.

Nez Perce women built teepees out of tule reed. Teepees were only used for the summer and only when traveling. Teepees had holes at the top to let smoke from their fire to escape. Younger girls made miniature teepees to practice when they were older and had to put up teepees themselves.

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