Friday, January 18, 2013

Z's Writing Assignment History - Week 22

Z's writing assignment for History this week (archaeology)


A Peak into the Past Part 2

Last time, as you know, we talked about clothes, but now I want to talk about archeology. Here’s how I explain it. Imagine you are in a village. A man lost his ax. He looks all over for it and cannot find it. A child is playing with a little ox cart toy in some sand. His mother calls him in for dinner. He stops what he is doing, leaves the toy and rushes in for dinner.  The man, who happens to be the little boy’s father, accidentally kicks some dirt over the toy, as he is looking for his ax. Then it gets really dry so, the people decided to move away. They then leave many things there like, wheat that is too dry from the draught to eat and things that are too big to carry along. After a while, the village gets buried. Then a man comes over and finds a brick. The next day, he brings his shovel and digs up a whole city.  He finds the father’s ax and the child’s toy. The ax told him they had tools. The toy told him that they farmed and had things to help them farm like an ox cart. The wheat also told him that they farmed.  Many people think of archeology as just finding things. But it is much more than that. It shows who we are, how we used to think, and much more unsolved mysteries. And sometimes you will find things so important to us that they are shown in the best and most important books like the Bible. And these things allow us to kind of have a window or eye to the world to make us see it in a way we never have.  

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Jamie said...

Written as one with a love for archaeology! She sounds super-enthusiastic about it.