Thursday, January 31, 2013

Z's report, Science, Week 24


When people think “dinosaurs” they generally think up something like a tyrannosaurus-rex. Did you know that there are millions of odd looking dinosaurs someone would never think up? Everyone thinks dinosaurs had rough bumpy skin but their skin can go from feathers to fins. We are going to start with feathered dinosaurs and what other features helped them survive in their climate and area. Some had heavily feathered bodies and hollow bones so they could fly. Others had barely any feathers and a light smooth skin with arms like a bat and could glide. Some little ones even had big claws, moving fingers and no legs so, they could climb up trees and make hole for homes in them. Some dinosaurs like the tradactal could fly even though they had heavy bodies and no feathers.  The underwater dinosaurs usually have big fins. Most of the time they had huge teeth too.  

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