Thursday, January 31, 2013

Z's History Report, Week 24

The Story of Gilgamesh (History)
The story of Gilgamesh was one of the oldest stories known! It starts off like this, Once upon a time; there was a king that was half god, half human. He had the strength of a god. He could lift a giant bolder and not break a sweat. He could jump over a wall without even trying! He was king over all of Mesopotamia. He was rich and had all a man could want but, he was not a fair king so, he took peasants food and took their children and made them slaves. The people begged the gods to get rid of him so the gods sent a beast that was half-man and half-beasts and had the strength of five lions. That night Gilgamesh had a dream that there was an axe so big and sharp that he could not lift it. He asked his wife what that meant and she told him that someone was after him and if he didn’t make friends with him he would die.  Just then the monster came in and Gilgamesh pityed it. Later on the beasts wedding, Gilgamesh wanted his bride so he took her. The beast and Gilgamesh fought for a while. Gilgamesh won by sitting on him but, he was tired so he gave back the bride and asked to be friends. After that, he was a better king but then his friend died and Gilgamesh was so sad that, he tried to trick death so he wouldn’t die. He asked an immortal man how to live forever and he had to not sleep for seven days and six nights. Right after he said that, Gilgamesh fell asleep so, he asked for a second chance. The guy said he could become young again if he swam down and ate the flower of life. Gilgamesh got the flower but, was so tired that he fell asleep. A snake came along and ate the flower and became young again and that is why snakes shed their skin. THE END          

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