Friday, January 11, 2013

Z Essay, Week 21: Science


Deinos means “Fearfully Great” or “Terrible” in Greek. Sauros means “Lizard”. The first dinosaur found was a Megalosaurus (Big lizard) which oddly walked on all fours like a mammal. The Megalosaurus had big, sharp teeth so it must have eaten meat. Soon, a new kind of dinosaur was found called Iguanodon because it looked like a giant iguana. It walked on all fours like the Megalosaurus but its teeth were not sharp at all. There was a picture someone painted of an Iguanodon fighting a Megalosaurus and, it gives the scientists a pretty good idea of what they looked like. Soon many other fossils were found of other dinosaur bones and people decided there was a group of the kind. They called it Dinosaurea. Scientists study the way the bones are to find out how they looked though, the color of the skin and other things like that are usually a total guess. As I look at it the dinosaurs had many reasons why they died out like one, they went through different environments so the way nature was with all those things messing them up for instance, 1.The Ice Age 2.Global warming and 3. Continental change. Though, many people think the dinosaurs all died out but actually we still have some. Many people don’t know this but chickens are actually in the dinosaur group. And I think there were many more dinosaurs but the bones evaporated from the environment underground or as they got closer down to the equator they slowly sank down in the soil and burned. But, on the bright side, scientists have found traces of skin and blood cells on bones and might be able to use samples of DNA to make duplicates of them and bring back the race of dinosaurs. So as they are finding more fossils and bones, they are closer to bringing back the Deinos Sauros.

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I like your use of transitions, Z! Great job!