Friday, January 11, 2013

Z Essay, Week 21: History

A Peak into the Past

We know many things about tribes and early humans from the things we find. Let’s start with the way they use to look. We know tribes sometimes use odd things to make them thinner or taller and things like that because we find objects that could have been used for that purpose. We also know that because the way their bodies and bones looked. For instance, some people hung a toy on a string on a baby’s head between their eyes so the baby would stay permanently cross-eyed, Chinese woman wore tiny shoes so their feet would get tiny, Indians and Africans would ware cups in a hole in their mouth or ear and the hole would get bigger as they put bigger cups in. they also put rings around their neck so it would get taller (they added more rings as it got taller). People from England (woman) wore dresses with wiring and lots of petty coats and some wiring on their hips that made them appear thinner with a really big dress at the bottom. They also put makeup on to make their face look pale and boys wore white wigs and girls wore HUGE white wigs with flowers and MANY other decorations. Sometimes woman with their big dresses had to turn side ways to get through doors! Woman almost never wore pants and always wore skirts (petty coats) and dresses. They even wore about three petty coats and a night gown at night! They also had a really hard time dressing because, they almost always had their hair or wig up in some kind of hard-to-do decorated hair do. So as you can see everyone has and had different ways and opinions on looking their best in their tribe or country’s or even their own style.                 

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