Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Review, Week 22 2012-13

A's accomplishments:

Math: we used Dad's and used the two-minute multiplication sections: math grids and 100 multiplication problems.  So she did 5 math grids and 500 multiplication problems total this week:)  She also completed 7th Gr Math Minutes 4 - 8.

Science/History: She continues to read the Eyewitness book called Arctic and Antarctic for Science, and Welcome to Josefina's World 1824 for History.

Writing: A's History writing assignment was about New Mexico, and her Science writing assignment was about the Arctic and Antarctic
Literature: plugging through Lord of the Rings (part 2 of LotR)
Grammar: Easy Grammar Plus, Contractions and Helping + Main Verbs

Z's accomplishments:

Math: Finished her 4th gr math book WAHOOOO! She got 100% on her last test:)

Science/History: Reading Dinosaurs in Science, also an Eyewitness book called Seashore, and Story of the World Vol. 1 Introduction through Ch 2 (about archaeology, nomads/early farmers, and the beginnings of Ancient Egypt)

Writing: Z's History writing assignment was about Archaeology and her Science writing assignment was about Dinosaur DNA.
Grammar: Easy Grammar 5, Tricky Words (they're their there, etc.) and Helping + Main Verbs
Spelling: going through the placement tests in Sequential Spelling Adult.  She has a pretty solid understanding of short vowel vs. long vowel word endings.
Literature: read through chapter 4 of The Odyssey.  On her own, she finished reading The Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke.  (Next, she'll probably read the Inkheart series, since she really liked Dragon Rider).


Classical Conversations: Timeline was Norman Conquest/Feudalism through Incas of South America.  We use our Timeline Cards to read up on each of these events in history.  History sentence and Geography were both about the Byzantine Empire.  Grammar covered prepositions that begin with "u".  Latin introduced noun endings 5th declension, singular and plural. Science was parts of a flower.  In Math, they memorized the cubes up to 1000 (10 x 10 x 10).
We did Classical Conversations memory work with friends on Tuesday.

Piano: continuing to practice.  We missed lessons on Wednesday due to illness (their daddy)

Gymnastics: on Monday

G's Accomplishments - Preschool:

Reading a book called Let's Count to 100.  We love this book!  I thought counting to 100 on each page would be tedious, but this book makes it fun!  There's lots of things to look for, and we especially love finding the "farting mole" lol!

She did Classical Conversations and also did some phonics with friends on Tuesday.  She went to Awana Cubbies and worked on her Bible verse on Wednesday.  During school hours, she does her "Math" which are a few preschool workbooks that work on colors, shapes, and early writing skills.  She is watching a lot of "Word GORE" (Word Girl) on Netflix Kids - it was a rough week for Mama.

She also learned about Doctors when we took Daddy into the doctor for strep throat.  We've talked about how we get sick and how we get better.  We read our Body book (its something we pull out every once in awhile because she really likes it, and this week it seemed to tie in). 

Last week, she visited the Dentist, so that has been coming up a lot this week.  She loves this book:

She has a Beany Baby stuffed animal that looks like the dentist in the book, Dr. Biteright.  Dr. Biteright has been going everywhere with us, and has many adventures.  It's always good to have an Ostrich Dentist with us wherever we go!

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Jamie said...

Busy, busy! Latin?! What curriculum are you using? Do the kids like it?