Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekly review, Week 21, 2012-13

Week in review:
Monday: CC with friends, library storytime, gymnastics
Tuesday: homeschool parent support meeting and kids went sledding
Wednesday: piano and awana
Thursday: dental cleaning apt for all 3 kids
Friday: co-op
Saturday: King's Kids musical practice at church starts back up

Math: did 100 multiplication problems per day x 4 days.  Completed 2 Math Minutes worksheets.
History: finished reading Addy (facts about being black during the American Civil War,1864).  Began Josefina (facts about the southwestern frontier, 1824)
Science: read 4 pages each day in Artic & Antarctic Eyewitness book, 3 days this week.
Grammar: Direct Objects, completed 3 days - 1 review day, and then pages 34-37
Literature: Lord of the Rings
Piano: doing great with The Entertainer, started Star Wars theme song
Writing: wrote 2 sentences for History, wrote answers to questions and 1 paragraph for her Photography project, worked on novel
Photography: worked on Talking Pictures project (due Feb, but rough draft due this Friday), Group Photos.

Math: finished graphing & ratios, test 15 (still need to finish metric conversions portion of test)
Science: read Dinosaurs, 4 pages for 4 days
History: started and finished Archaeology book (Eyewitness)
Grammar: Contractions, pages 26-29
Literature: The Odyssey, and Mara Daughter of the Nile (at bedtime)
Piano: started a new song that she loves: Foggy Night at the Harbor
Writing: wrote 50 words for Science

Classical Conversations this week focused on Japan (Heian period, Shoguns, period of isolation, Commodore Matthew Perry of the US), and the geography of Japan.
Science: types of leaves
History timeline: Japan's Heian period through East-West schism of the church
Grammar: 4 prepositions
Latin: noun endings 4th declension, singular and plural
Math: Squares up to 15 x 15

Awana Cubbies Bible verse
Letters (recognition and drawing)
Counting and recognizing numbers
Painting (watercolor, tempura, and fingerpaint)

Tomorrow, we have co-op.  The older kids will work on drawing portraits with pastels.  Z will build a teepee with household items.  A has a lot going on in Photography.

Co-op was canceled due to bad weather/road conditions.  We kept on with school.
Math Minute #3, Classical Conversation quiz, and wrote a 5 paragraph essay on the Civil War.  She is also 1000+ words into her novel.

Math lesson #151 (review), Classical Conversation quiz, wrote 1 page essay on Dinosaurs for Science, and 1 page essay called A Peak into the Past for History.

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