Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekly Review, Week 20, 2012-13

We had an easy week, doing 4 short days and taking New Year's off.

Wrote all of our "Thank You" notes for Christmas gifts. I counted this as Writing/Handwriting.

Did 2 Grammar assignments, which covered when it is a preposition vs. when it is an adverb. (Ex: We went out to the store.  Out and To are both prepositions, however, only To is followed by a phrase: to the store.  Since Out isn't followed by a phrase, it is an adverb.  To the store is the preposition + phrase).

Week 9 from Classical Conversations.  This covered Justinian (Byzantine Empire) through Vikings on our timeline.  Our Geography and History sentence was about the Asian countries, Confucius and Taoism.  In Math, skip counted the 15s.  In Latin, sang noun endings, singular and plural, 4th declension.  We're still memorizing prepositions in English.  Science was easy - some parts of a plant.

Both have been practicing piano, although we've been on Christmas break from lessons.

We took a trip to the library and picked out our reading materials for next week.

Finished her 6th grade Math book, hooray!!!  Next she'll solidify those multiplication facts, plus add in 7th grade daily math minutes.'ll be on to Pre-Algebra!

She worked on her Photography assignment for co-op.  It is called Talking Pictures.  We had to find someone that is 2 generations away (her grandpa), interview him, take several photos of him now, and copy a photo of him when he was the same age as my daughter. 

She has several other assignments to complete for Photography and Art next week.  Phew! Tough class!  But it's been good for her to be accountable to an outside teacher.

Math - worked on the Ratios chapter, and started Graphing.  She has 2 more weeks left to go in her 4th grade math book.

Reading the Odyssey for Literature.

Reading through the Everyday Things Usborne science book at bedtime.

G Preschool:
She's needing a little more structured time during school hours:(  LOL.  So, we did some alphabet letters on the mini white board, did a few pages in a Colors workbook (dollar store), and started learning about the Calendar.  I dug out my old Calendar pieces that I had printed and laminated when A was 5.  Funny how much time and attention you pour into your firstborn.  I'd never find the time, energy, desire to make these things now! LOL.
Back in the day, I'd printed these pieces from the Jan Brett website here
If you are slightly less inclined (like me, nowadays), she has a nice printable calendar here.
(Of course, with a black/white printer and a whole lot less patience, I'd be inclined to just use a Microsoft Word calendar template and be done with it, lol).  Unfortunately, I only had half a year of calendar months printed, so if we keep this up, I'll have to improvise for the summer/fall months.

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