Friday, January 11, 2013

A Essay, Week 21: History

The Civil War

     The civil war was and still is the worst war that ever happened. The war waged on for four years. The war started because of slavery. The united states divided in half, the north, or the union, wanted to end slavery, while the south, the confederate, wanted to keep slaves.

     Before the war even started, slaves tried for freedom. They would flee in the night. Most slaves who made it to the north bought homes, raised families, and joined businesses. Women worked in factories to make things like soldier’s uniforms or cartridges for bullets. Thousands of black people, wealthy and poor, went to Philadelphia to live after escaping.

     On January 1, 1863, President Lincoln established the emancipation proclamation, which said all slaves in the south were freed. The south ignored it, so not one slave was freed. If the war was won by the union, then all the blacks would be freed. After the proclamation though, the union allowed blacks to form their own regiments, or organized military groups, to fight against the south.

    The Underground Railroad was a way many slaves escaped. The Underground Railroad was a 'train' of houses leading to the north. The 'conductors', or owners of the house, gave escaping slaves a place to sleep, food, water, cloths, and warmth.

     Harriet Tubman was a slave that used the Underground Railroad in 1849. She then became a conductor of the Underground Railroad. She helped save so many slaves that people started calling her Moses, from the bible who led the Jews to freedom. Many southern whites tacked up posters that said, wanted dead or alive- $40,000 reward. Harriet Tubman freed more than 300 slaves.

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Lisa said...

Lots of precise vivid word choices, A! The 5 paragraph format is clear and organized. You also have varied your sentence structure which makes your writing more interesting to the reader. Well done!