Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 19, 2012-13

Math: lessons 153-157, which covered Budgeting, Types of Savings (savings, checking, IRA, CDs, etc.), Interest (simple and compound), Principle, Comparison Shopping - you know, grown-up stuff!  She has one week left of math - but we'll finish that 2 weeks from now (we're taking a break next week).
Writing: started anew on her NaNo novel.  She is using some of the same characters but changing the setting and plot.
History: Welcome to Addy's World (about a black family during Civil War times)
Piano: doing a fantastic job on The Entertainer - she has it mostly down, just has a few spots to work out to get it polished.
Bible: read through Psalms 5.

Math: test 14, lessons 141-144, which covered graphing, and reviewed metric system, long division, and fractions.
History/Literature: reading The Odyssey

CC Week 8.
Timeline: Council of Nicea through fall of Western Roman Empire
Math: 14s
History sentence: Age of Imperialism & India
Geography: China
English: more prepositions
Latin: Noun endings 3rd declension
Science: types of seed plants
Reviewed weeks 1 & 2

Grammar: Easy Grammar review, prepositons, infinitive verbs, and understood You as a subject.

Handwriting: journaled 5 sentences, wrote a thank-you card

Had Gingerbread House decorating with a friend, who arranged hosting at a church and who baked all of the gingerbread, provided all the candy, and made the sugar frosting glue.  Yes, this is one amazing friend!! 

Mostly a battle of wills and a struggle for survival.  I should probably fit more into this kid's life.  We do a lot of puzzles (she loves puzzles).

Next week is our WEEK BREAK! Hooray!

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