Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 18, 2012-13

A's accomplishments:
Math: lessons 150 - 152, and test 15.  This week, we ended integers and practiced Budgeting.  Budgeting usually took us both 2 tries, because we'd forget a number and have to start over.  Once, we didn't tithe and that threw off our numbers (that's what happens when a Christian publisher teaches budgeting, lol!)

Handwriting: FINISHED! Hooray!  She has GORGEOUS cursive Handwriting Without Tears style writing, but she does not like to use it:)  She's a "printer".

History: she finished Samantha 1904 on Monday and began reading Addy.

Photography: she had to take photos of a person doing something interesting.  She brought her camera to library storytime and photographed Georgie making a gingerbread house.
A's photography project.  I love how G is looking at the frosting on her finger, sort of studious and surprised.  Can you guess what happened next?

Gingerbread house making is very serious.

Bible: she will be working through Psalms.

Z's accomplishments:
Math: Metric system (said in a spooky, haunted voice).  She did fine.  She caught on faster than I thought and wondered why I had such a problem with it.

History, Science, Major Life Accomplishment: she is working through the grown-up version, English translation of The Odyssey.  Her choice, not mine.  Yup.  You go, girl!


Grammar: we started back on Grammar, and did 2 review lessons: identified subject, verb, and prepositional phrases.

CC Week 7:  covered India, Hinduism, Buddhism, Latin noun endings 3rd declension (singular & plural), more prepositions, skip counting 13s, and timeline from Jesus through India's Gupta Dynasty (we looove saying "Gupta". Gupta, gupta, gupta...).  We had a friend over on Wednesday and worked through the Week 7 material.  The big kids all did fantastic.  Little Georgie did terrible.  She cried, screamed, whined, and basically drowned out everything the big kids were trying to do.

There are a few things in life that I think to myself "surely, it isn't *that* bad, right?  Maybe I'm just remembering it much worse than it really was".  And then, I try again and think, "yup, that was the worst thing I have ever experienced".  School and clothing shopping with a 3yo are those two things in my life.

Piano: had piano lessons this week.

Other craziness:
Monday: library storytime.
Tuesday: A was a Mom's Helper.  Went shopping for cookie and cake stuff.
Wednesday: friend joined us for CC at my house.  AWANA.  Z officially finished her book, hooray!
Thursday: Soloist practice (kids are in a musical this Sunday).  Shopping for clothing for the musical.  Shopping for snacks for the musical.  Baking cakes and cookies for co-op committments. Then, we met friends at the library for (more) gingerbread house making.
Friday: full day of co-op, then playdate at friend's house
Saturday: all day dress rehearsal
Sunday: musical

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