Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 17, 2012-13

Monday: library storytime (G) and gymnastics
Wednesday: AWANA
Friday: homeschool group Christmas Party at the roller skating rink

Math: Did stuff with integers: adding & subtracting with + and - numbers. 
Included problems like -5 - (-13), or -5 - 13, or 16 - (-13), etc.

She's been working a bit on her novel; she ended NaNoWriMo at approx. 7,000 words, and is now just a little over that.

Reading through Samantha 1904 for history (American Girl, Welcome to Samantha's World)

Math: focus on measurement and conversions of non-metric (yards to feet, yards to miles, cups to gallons, etc.).  She ended the week with an introduction to Metric, but left the room crying because her big sis and I said, "oh no! Metric..."  So we skipped the metric intro and just did the review portion of the lesson on Friday.

She's read everything of interest from the Living World (?) encyclopedia and is now reading the Usborne encyclopedia (one of the animal type ones).  She wants to keep reading about animals and other living things (biology). 

She practiced naming each country from South America and Africa this week.  It was review, but I wanted her to keep remembering the names and locations of the countries she's learned this year.

Created characters for a story, and wrote a comic book for Cursive Handwriting

Completed Week 5 for CC. This included Roman Empire (Punic Wars, Pax Romana, division into West and East, and the defeat of the Western Empire), 2nd Declensions Singular & Plural in Latin, more "b" prepositions for Grammar, a long list of invertebrates for Science, and 7 more items on the timeline.  We did not start Week 6 as planned.

I saw another mental growth spurt this week, but it is hard to explain.  She seems more aware of letters, and better able to recognize certain ones - especially if that letter can be associated with a person.  She now knows A for her biggest sis, Z for her next big sis (although this gets confused with N), G for herself, and J for Josh and Jacob (2 friends that she plays with).  She points to big letters on signs and wants me to tell her all about them.

She's really verbal now.  She tells all kinds of complicated stories with details, and funny facial expressions.  It's really cute!  And her imagination has taken off.  Her big sisters seem to notice this and run with it, making suggestions of things to pretend.  Today, she was a very noisy dog, and insisted on catching a ball with her mouth.  I finally had to take her outside, because her daddy was on a business call, and her boisterous barking was causing too much interference.  She also "went to China" today, taking a boat, a balloon, and a plane.  It was a long trip, but she managed to go and come back a few times. 

She also attaches to odd little things.  Tonight, she took a plastic pumpkin to bed.  She kissed it, put it beside her, and said "good night, pumpkin", before falling asleep.  She's just a happy, spunky little kid that loves life...that is, when she isn't demanding candy, getting things herself, breaking things, or pitching huge fits!

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