Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 16, 2012-13

Last week was our week 16.  We have this virus that is said to last 2-4 weeks.  Just when we think we're turning the corner, that sore throat and ears comes back, and the cough is ever lasting.  The virus is not highly contagious, it just lasts a very long time in its victims.  We started back with activities, but I've been trying to keep things to a minimum, and not overdoing it.

She completed 4 lessons in Math.  I hardly remember what the topic was!  I think she began integers (negative and positive numbers), and also the concept of opposites (opposite of -7 is +7).  Week 17 has us adding and subtracting 2 or 3 integers of various signs. 

Last week's handwriting was about organizing a paragraph and then writing it.  We then began the section that has different famous authors and their styles of writing (autobiography, poetry, journals, etc.)

She began the Samantha book for her history series.  This one takes place in 1920s, I think? 

She finished up the section on Decimals in math and moved into measurement.  She is still remembering how to do fractions, and is making progress there (that's such a biggie to learn!) 

She worked ahead quite a bit in handwriting.

She read several books on Ancient Greece from the library for history, and read/journaled about animals in Science.

We did 2 weeks of CC (Classical Conversations) to try to catch up with another family.  We focused on weeks 3 & 4.  This covered Greek/Roman gods & 7 Wonders of the Ancient World for History.  Parts of an animal cell and plant cell in Science.  Nouns 1st Declensions Singular and Plural for Latin.  About 10 prepositions beginning with the letter A for Grammar.  About 14 timeline events in the ancient world (involving Babylon, Assyrian, Egypt, Phoenicians, Greeks, Mesoamerica, and lots of stuff about Israel).  Skip counting 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s in Math.

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