Sunday, December 30, 2012

School planning - Z (the 10yo)

Z mostly loves everything, except when she's cold, tired, hungry, or stressed:) LOL.  She was eager to chip in with the things she wants to study, and how she wants to study them.

Math - she is 3 weeks away from finishing Horizons Grade 4.  She'll finish that and then go into Grade 5.  Note to self: order student books for grade 5.

Science - she read several science encyclopedia type books on Animals.  Now she'll read up on Weather and Astronomy.  She'll write a 3-page paper every 6 weeks, with a Powerpoint presentation (paper will be double spaced, typed, 12 pt. font).

Encyclopedia - she asked us to add Encyclopedia back in as a subject.  She'll read 3 pages per day, still working through Letter H.

History - she wants to read the Story of the World series, but with other books added in to add details.  She's read all the basic info about Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Norse, and Medieval times (she really likes the Time Traveler books, and the Usborne type books), so she either needs to go deeper with these, or needs a new topic.  So we'll find some in-depth books to go with whatever culture she is reading about in SOTW.  She'll write a 1-page paper per week, and a 3-page paper summary at the end of 6 weeks, with a Powerpoint presentation.

Grammar - she'll continue Easy Grammar.  We'll also practice our Grammar skills with the 3-page paper every 6 weeks; she'll need to create an outline and rough draft to go with it.

Spelling - we're thinking about attempting SWR again;)  She'll memorize the 70 phonograms and then we'll work through the more difficult lists, studying 20 words per week by breaking them into their pieces, and studying the rules that apply.

Formal Typing - she finished her handwriting for the year, and will replace it with typing.

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