Sunday, December 30, 2012

School planning - A (the 12yo)

We sat down tonight and drew up plans for (hopefully) the rest of the school year.  Some books are getting finished, and I felt the need for a new focus, so...

Math - she has 1 week left of Horizons Gr 6.  After that, she'll spend about 4 weeks brushing up on her multiplication speed and recall.  I'm planning to add in some practice from this book (Math Minutes).  Note to self: order book.  Then, right before we're ready for our next 6 week break, she'll be ready to crack open the Horizons Pre-Algebra.

CC - We'll continue with Cycle 1 Foundations Classical Conversations.  This is a good dose of memory work in all the subject areas.

Science - She will pick her own topics to study.  She'll write 1 5-page paper (12 pt. font, double spaced typed) every 6 weeks, and will also provide a Powerpoint presentation of what she learned on her chosen topic. 

Dh would like her to do a science fair project, so we'll entertain that idea, too.  I plan to get the Janice VanCleave book from the library for her to peruse.

History - This will also be interest-led, topic of her choice.  She'll write 1 3-page paper per week (12 pt. font, double spaced typed), and 1 6-page summary at the end of 6 weeks with a Powerpoint presentation.

Grammar - most of Grammar will be studied through the writing process.  The 6-page, 6-week paper will need to be planned, outlined, and rough drafted.  Next year, dh and I are hoping she can join a CC community, where she will be enrolled in the Challenge A program.  The only skills I feel she would be lacking for this program is the Grammar skills necessary to study Latin.  So, I'll try to find a decent Grammar Diagramming program, or we'll continue with Easy Grammar (although I suspect EG won't be enough to prepare her for Latin next year). Note to self: find a good diagramming program she can work through.

Formal Typing Program - this will replace Handwriting, since she has completed cursive handwriting. Note to self: find a good typing program and order it.

Spelling - we have decided to be done with formal spelling.

Literature - I will give her a list of books to choose from, and she will read 1 book per month. Note to self: find a good list of books.

Goals for next year:

I'm really hoping that we're able to start a Challenge A group locally next year.  That's Plan A.  Plan B is: enroll her in Foundations and Essentials (she'd be the oldest kid in the group), but work with the teacher to see if she can write longer assignments.  Then, our co-op will offer the same Science that Challenge A teaches, so I'd just enroll her in the co-op's science program.  Anything that isn't covered in CC and co-op will be taught at home, either using the same approach as this year, or trying to mimic the Challenge A program.

And note to self, we should probably cover test taking skills at some point.

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