Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 15 part A, 2012-13

It was one of those weeks.
The kids did 2 days of school over Saturday & Sunday: they did 2 maths, 2 handwritings, wrote their nano novels, read some science and history...They did all this in prep for a sleepover on Monday night. 

We started getting sick at the end of last week, but seemed to be recovered enough for the sleepover.  The kids went to gymnastics and then went home with friends.  I picked them up Tuesday, and we had a homeschool support meeting Tuesday night.  The kids stayed up late both nights, of course!  Wednesday arrived and the kids just sat and stared at walls.  I plunked down schoolwork, and coaxed, and prodded.  Not much got accomplished.  No one felt great from our colds, and everyone was tired from the busy start of our week. 

A seemed to be the most lethargic this week, and her health continued to go downhill.  She's one that tends to just be a bit quiet and lethargic, not really looking or acting sick.  We had co-op all day Friday.  By Sat, A was quite sick and miserable, but Z was feeling 100% better.  So Z went to the church musical rehearsal, but A stayed home.  A is still sick and miserable today.  She might end up going into the doctor on Monday, we'll see.

I'm still slowly recovering from the cough and stuffy nose / sinus / congestion stuff.  I've been really tired and run down, too.

We remodeled our (dh & my) bedroom - which was a big project.  I began the project working and then sleeping, trying to sleep off this awful cold.  It was just a very busy week, and I kept pushing us forward.  I think we might've been better off if we cancelled everything and stayed in bed:p 

So...Week 15 was a rather unproductive, icky week.  We sort of studied Week 3 of Classical Conversations, but I'd like us to learn it a bit more thoroughly.  I also want to move into Week 4 next week, so we'll see. Can we double up in one, 3-day week?  Am I crazy?  I'd like to stay on task since we're working with another family .

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