Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 14, 2012-13

We completed Week 2 of Classical Conversations memory work - woohoo!
Did Cursive Handwriting practice, which has had a Latin/Greek root word theme to it - finished through page 76.
Piano lessons on Tuesday.
Art: last co-op, the kids learned how to draw fruit, with shading and colors.  They've been drawing a lot of fruit this week, lol!

Math: Lessons 134-138, Fraction equivalents, fractions decimals & percents, calculating tax, calculating percentages, & calculating sales tax with shipping expenses.  Now she can purchase things in catalogs, lol.

Writing: She worked on her story for Nanowrimo, she's probably past the 1000 word point by now (she doesn't want me to read the story until after Nov 30th, so I have her give me a word count total at the end of each day - that way I know she is plugging along).

Science: did an experiment on static electricity.

History: almost finished with the Kirsten book

Bible/Music/Art: continuing through the book of Matthew.  Working through The Entertainer and My Father's World on the piano.  Has not done anything for photography or art this week.

Math: Lessons 120-123, Reading decimals, read/write fractions as decimals, compare decimals, order decimals, and took test 12 which included adding/subtracting of unlike fractions, adding/subtracting mixed fractions with same denominator, and changing improper fractions into mixed fractions.  Horizons 4th Gr only expects students to get add/subt of unlike fractions by drawing fraction bars.  This is a lovely idea in theory, but we're running into a minor problem.  Sometimes the bar fraction doesn't get split into identically even pieces, so then the answer is usually off by 1. 

Writing: she started writing a few different stories back in Sept/Oct, so she's got 4,020 in one story, 800 in another story, and 3,900 words in her choose your own adventure.  She's written about 1000 words since the start of Nanowrimo.

Science: she read and journaled about some interesting creatures.  She especially loved the tadpole shrimp, which live their lives in a puddle:)

History: she's feeling done with Africa, so we'll figure out what to do next.  For now, she's reading and journalling science everyday.  She also practiced memorizing African countries and almost knows them all.

Bible/Music/Art: She completed 4 sections in AWANA.  She finished Discovery 5.  She has Discovery 6, 7, and 8 left to do for the year.  She'll definitely finish her book early.  She's doing great in piano - she's doing a neat song called Shooting the Rapids. 

She loves her library storytime class, and really gets into the songs and movements now!  She looks at me and smiles the biggest smile while she's doing the cute!

She's been loving Classical Conversations memory work!  She jumps on the trampoline while I play the CD.   The older 2 kids refuse to listen to the CD and give me grief over it, but G asks for it during the day.  She's picking up odd pieces of it, like the 10 Commandments, and "species" from science.  She loves the counting portion of it, but right now, I think it must sound like a lot of rambling to her (which is how she counts, too - lots of rambling off weird numbers.  10, 14, 19, 20-teen, etc.)

She's just not ready for phonics yet.  She still insists on things like "duh duh duh Georgie", lol.  I think phonics and counting just aren't making a whole lot of sense to her yet.  It cracks me up, though, because she'll ask for things by spelling them.  She'll say "Can I have some p-o-p?" or "Can we go to the d-o-c?" and sometimes things that don't spell anything at all.  She has no idea what she is spelling, she just likes the sound of it, I think!

At bedtime, I read a book from the library called Big Wolf and Little Wolf.  The little wolf asks the daddy wolf to sing a song, so I sing it.  I had no idea how much she enjoyed my goofy singing until one night, when she kept insisting that the sisters couldn't read the book, only Mama could.  Now she requests that book every night and giggles when I sing it.  It makes me think of my dad and the goofy songs he used to sing to me when I was little:)

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