Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Classical Conversations

It's funny, because I don't think I mention Classical Conversations at all on this blog in previous years.  However, once I read The Core by Leigh Bortins, I really became interested in this program.  I kept debating...should I buy the Classical Conversations Foundations book or shouldn't I?  It was actually on my curric purchase list all summer, as I was planning to buy the $15 3rd editions.  Once I settled in to make my purchase, the $15 3rd editions were gone, and I would need to buy the $60 4th editions, lol.  So I decided against it. 

But then a friend brought it up, and kept bringing it up.  She bought the whole kit and caboodle, and I coveted her memory book, CD, and history cards.  I borrowed them to show dh, who has NEVER BEEN IMPRESSED by any curriculum that I have ever shown him. 

A week later, dh is filling our online shopping cart with those gorgeous, glossy history cards, another lovely pack of science cards, the CD, and the book. Love that man...  So now, we have added Classical Conversations into our routine.

What is Classical Conversations?  Basically, all those little things you should've memorized in school to make your life easier as a student, organized into small, easy chunks and bound in a book.  In one week, we're memorizing a piece of history, grammar, latin, geography, science, and math.  I'll give an example:

This week, we are memorizing:

Timeline: 7 events from history
History: The Greek and Roman god names
Geography: Locations of key places in ancient Israel
Grammar: A few prepositions
Latin: noun 1st declensions (singular and plural)
Science: parts of an animal cell
Math: Skip counting 5s and 6s

The 3yo loves it and calls it "Word of The God" (explanation: weeks 1 & 2 covered the Ten Commandments).  She jumps on the trampoline while I play the CD. 

The older two kids hate it.  But they hate everything and God forbid they might learn something:)  They are embarrased by the CD and want to learn it independently.  So I made up an AWANA style sheet that I print off for them each week.  They study it, and on Friday, I quiz them.  They also quiz me.  Now that we're into Week 3, I'm bringing in some review from weeks 1-2.  Eventually I hope to play some games to help us review.  It helps to have friends doing the same thing: we can get together and play games to review.  We can spur each other on to learn the material. 

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