Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WWS Week 8 assignment

A had to write about Neuschwanstein Castle, using description to capture how "spectacular" it is.  Here is her spectacular:

The castle is surrounded by trees.
It is in the country.
There are more than 6 stories.
It is on a beautiful mountain.

I felt this was lacking the "spectacular", so I had her dictate some adjectives to me.

The spectacular castle sat on an amazing mountain.
The wonderful mountain was filled with tall trees.
The pretty castle was in the beautiful country.
The enormous castle had more than 6 spacious stories.

I knew this assignment would be stretching her a bit, because she is a very straightforward, non-fluff person.  She's my yes-no, black-white learner. 


Lisa said...

I have "banned words" for my writing classes. Some of them are boring sentence beginnings, including there is, there are, it is, it has, it was, etc.... That might help her?

Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

I found your blog; my dd, 9, is VERY straightforward, and this books is leaving both of us very frustrated! How do you get your daughters to write these descriptions? Do they outline first and then write? Do you help them at all? We are on week 12, and at this point, I'm ready to chuck the book and scream. I've used her curriculum throughout, so it isn't new. I like the curriculum. I think it is very inspiring, but I was an English major in college!

Wee Pip said...

Dear Anonymous,
Sorry, tried to reply sooner, but life, and the 3yo got away from me:) It sounds like your dd may be doing quite well for a 9yo. My 9 (turning 10) *was* doing WWS, but we put that on hold. She *could* do it, with a lot of handholding, but it was very frustrating to her, and she desired to be more independent in her writing. When we use WWS, I try to keep it short. I highlight the instruction part (1-2 sentences that say "OK, now here's what YOU DO" lol). I also take 2 minutes to explain what the instructions say. I also sit and watch over their shoulders and help them along. They don't feel confident in what they are doing with WWS to do this on their own. The reading part is lengthy. It is difficult for them to filter through all that text to get to the "get r done" part. I know they found this frustrating. It's a good skill to have, though, and not all texts are going to be short and sweet. OTOH, there are plenty of ways to learn how to write; I may not even need a book. I have to decide if WWS's focus is how we want to get there. It's all good, and sometimes you keep with something frustrating because you can grow as a person thru it. Sometimes you ditch something frustrating because maybe you just want to write, and all the lengthy text just isn't how you want to get there. BTW, I've put WWS on hold for both kids. We're doing Nanowrimo this month. Next month? Not sure. The kids are begging me to just let them write, and please don't bring out WWS! LOL.