Saturday, October 13, 2012

Writing With Skill Week 7

A's writing assignment, using notes about Kepler.  The goal was to include one quotation and to write 150-300 words.  She struggled a bit to find a fitting title.

Kepler Proves Heliocentrism
In 1590, Kepler studied Heliocentrism.  Teacher followed Copernicus.  Heliocentrism is a belief that the sun is in the center of the solar system.  Copernicus said the sun is exactly in the center of the solar system.  Copernicus said that all the planets in the solar system went in a circular orbit.  The Geocentric World View said the earth was in the center of the solar system.  Geocentric also said that the earth had no orbit because it remained still.  People believed in the Geocentric belief.  In 1600, Kepler was an assistant to Brahe, an astronomer. Brahe died in 1601.  Kepler took years studying the orbit of Mars.  Then, he published a book.  He said, “First, therefore, let my readers grasp that today it is absolutely certain … that all the planets revolve around the sun with the exception of the moon, which alone has the earth as its Centre.”

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