Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 12, 2012-13

We had the privilege of attending Classical Conversation classes on Monday, all day.  We participated in Foundations (K-age 12) and Essentials (4th-6th gr).  The classes were really neat, and I'm glad we were able to try them out!

Lessons 128-130 in Math; Outcome, using multiplication and division to find ratio or proportion, patterns and divisibility.
She finished Week 8 in WWS, and did handwriting pages 64-66 in cursive.
We did a science experiment in CC - eggs soaked in vinegar & corn syrup, and talked about the Scientific Method, and also the semi-permeability of cells.
She is more than half-way through Kirsten's World, 1854 Pioneer America.
She's working through the book of Matthew in Bible.
She developed 2 photos for Photography class, 1 of these I''m quite smitten with <3 p="p">
She had to take photos of a landscape at different times of day, to see how the color is affected

I love love love this one.  This one was taken at co-op during classtime.
Perspective artwork had to be finished and inked for class on Friday.

And...A turned 12 this week!

She did lessons 114-116 in Math; subtraction of unlike fractions, add/sub unlike fractions, and adding mixed numbers.
She wrote her story Bot and completed handwriting pages 64-66.
She read & journaled in Science, finished reading the book about Africa for Geography.
She completed several sections in AWANA, and is very far ahead in her book.  She will finish her book early this year.

She also had artwork to finish for co-op.

We had co-op on Friday.

*note: this post was written 2 weeks after the point, lol!  We took the next week off of school and did major clean up.

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Lisa said...

I love that cornfield picture too! The stalk in front makes me feel like I'm in the pic. The sky looks like a painting and the vivid colors are awesome!