Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 11, 2012-13

A & G are playing with Cuisinare Rods while Z is working hard on handwriting

A's accomplishments:

Math: Completed lessons 123-127; Ratio Tables, Proportions and Equal Ratios, Using Cross-Products to Solve for N, Percentages - Ratios Per Hundred, & Probability.

Handwriting: learned about using quotation marks, interjections, and began the section on Greek and Latin roots.  Wrote a funny comic about Georgie eating my food:)

Writing: Writing With Skill Week 7 completed.  See her 150 word writing on Kepler here.

Science: We tested air bags, by dropping hard boiled eggs.

History: began reading about Kirsten 1824 (Welcome to Kirsten's World)

Piano: working on The Entertainer - can play it through slowly, separate hands (has the first part of the song down really well).

Bible: read through chapter 18 of Matthew

Z's accomplishments:

Math: Completed lessons 111-113, including Test 11; Subtraction, Adding/Subtracting Like Fractions, introduced Addition of Unlike Fractions using lots of pictures and a whiteboard:)

Handwriting: quotation marks, interjections, started Latin roots.

Writing: finished her Choose Your Own Adventure, started back on her Bot novel.  Both stories combined total of 5,700 words in 5 weeks.

Science: learned about camoflauge and bird beaks.  (I didn't know that some animals use temperature camoflague)

Geography: reading about Africa, and working on identifying African countries on the map.

Bible: working very hard in AWANA, completed 5 sections this week.  She is starting section 4 (section 5 is the half-way point for the year, which I like them to hit around January).

Piano: doing well with piano practice, and adding more embellishments to her compositions.

G's accomplishments:

Decided she likes workbooks and following instructions (when she's in the mood).  This is the first time that she was able to follow my directions and circle correct answers.

Reading lots of books together, especially likes Fancy Nancy books and "B.B.C. Rides" (D.W. Rides from the Arthur series, lol)

She's learned how to peddle her tricycle, but still prefers using her feet Fred-Flintstone style.  Her favorite red tricycle broke this week and had to be put in the garbage (it had survived 2 other children before her, so it was probably time to go).  Luckily, her grandparents gave her a really neat pink tricycle that she can ride; I'm just more particular about what she does with the pink one (no launching it down hills...)

Got to ride on the escalator this weekend AND eat at All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet.  Learned proper etiquette at expensive stores and sit down restaurants.

Testing all kinds of boundaries.  Wow, tough times.  But still so loving and sweet.

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