Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 10, 2012-13

A's accomplishments:
In math she completed lessons 120-122, which included constructing parallelograms, writing ratios, using ratio tables, and Test 12.

In handwriting, she completed through page 58, which included grammar instruction, such as prepositions. In writing, she completed Week 6 of Writing With Skill, and wrote a 150 word essay about the sinking of the Titanic.

We made Chromatography Bags in Science.

She finished reading the Felicity book, and we are now done with the Revolutionary War for history.

She read Matthew chapters 11-15 for Bible.
Began learning The Entertainer for piano.
Worked on her art project: buildings and roads using the vanishing point.
Worked on her photography assignment: using shutter speeds to take photos of moving objects.
shutter speed: running

shutter speed: ice cube falling and spilling water (this was a hard one to catch!)

shutter speed: spilling water

Z's accomplishments:
In Math, she completed lessons 107-110, which focused on changing mixed numbers into improper fractions, improper fractions into mixed numbers, problem solving with estimation, and addition with like fractions.  She is also practicing reducing fractions to lowest terms (still takes some talking her through it).

She worked on her Choose Your Own Adventure stories, and I think it is finished.  I will post it when I am able.  She completed handwriting through pg 58.

She is reading about Africa and memorizing the locations of 23 countries.

She read about animals (I forgot which ones) and journaled about it for science.

She passed 3 sections in AWANA.
She completed her art homework, which was the same as A's.
She's keeping up with piano.

G's accomplishments:
We did The Little Rabbit for our B4FIAR book.  We brought in a stuffed animal bunny to take care of.  We have lots of stuffed animal bunnies, but I happened to find one that looked identical to the bunny in the book:)  We talked about pet care and what pets need, and what we do to take care of our guinea pig and dog.

She made a goofy moose puppet in library story time.

We went on several nature walks.  One nature walk, we found a tiny snake that we watched scurry away into the grass, and we found a red cardinal feather.  I added the feather to our science objects for later study.

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Wow! I love the pictures of the water spilling and the ice cube!