Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The cottonball

Dh is working from home so we can go trick or treating later.

He's on a meeting, so we all have to be very, very quiet (and threaten the 3yo with duct tape).

12yo has been working on math since 10am and its now 1pm (yes, she took breaks, no its not too hard, and yes I cut her problem sets in half). She just isnt focusing.

I call the dr to reschedule my checkup when all of a sudden, the 12yo is screaming, crying, and tearing something out of the 3yo's hand. The 3yo is also screaming, crying, and fighting back. The 12yo yells, "she ruined it!" and this is all being taken in by the receptionist on the phone.

It was a cottonball.

Yes, you read that correctly: a cottonball. It was the longest drawn out cottonball snake that the 12yo has ever been able to make out of an ordinary cottonball.

Tell me this is all worth it. Tell me that we're all better people for homeschooling. And please reassure me that the 12yo is normal and will grow up just fine.

These odd cottonball incidents are occuring more and more frequently. I'm having a hard time managing. By day's end, I can't tell you what drove me looney, I just know I've arrived at looneyville.

Any suggestions?

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