Saturday, October 13, 2012

Science experiment - air bags

It began when the nearly-12 year old asked, "Do we have to do science?"
"Well, we're doing an experiment with air bags and dropping hard boiled eggs," I said.  The nearly 12 year old perked up, "Didn't you just make hard boiled eggs?"
Yes, I had.  It was supposed to be lunch, but I made egg-stra, expecting the 3yo to invade my lunch.
The first video shows the use of one air bag on the floor, while the second air bag is free falling with the hard boiled egg.  The results are obvious: cracked egg.
The 3yo, who had been repeatedly grabbing the yardstick and working mayhem on our project, stopped briefly to ask, "Can I have that egg?'
Of course you can.

The 3yo was disciplined several times during the course of this short project, so keep that in mind.  The second video was supposed to prove the superiority of two air bags strapped to the egg, but my kids were being dorks.  After the drop and break of this second egg, the 9yo asked,
"Oh, can I have this egg?"
I still had one egg left to go in the fridge, and we really didn't prove anything with the second experiment.  However, my nerves were frazzled and it was lunch time. So we called it a day.

At least we all knew how the egg-speriment was supposed to end.

And everyone enjoyed eggs for lunch.  (Egg-cept the nearly 12 year old, who no longer likes eggs).

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