Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So far, Writing is going well!  We're using a point system, as described by Dianne Craft's non-curriculum writing program.  She describes it a bit in this Fall's issue of The Old Schoolhouse (Right Brained Writing).  She has a contact email address in her article where you can request more info.  Anyhoo, let me describe our writing day!

We started a webbing to organize our prewriting.  Our topic was "Puppies make good pets".  The webbing process was rejected, but oh well.  After we filled in the webbing and rejected it, she took off with a piece of paper and wrote her own paragraph.  And it was good, very good.  I'll share it here:

Puppies make good pets.  They can spend time with you when you are lonely.  They can play with you.  Best of all, they are a new member of your family.  When you love them, they love you back.
Summary: puppies make good pets because they can play with you, spend time with you, and love you.

Basically, you give points for the things you want to see in their writing (the things we're working on).  I gave points for -
Each capitalized start of a sentence
Each correct punctuation (periods, commas)
Three points for having three reasons
One point for the topic sentence
One point for the summary sentence
A point for number of words (we're working on adding words)
A point for all lowercase b's
A point for all lowercase d's
I also added a point for "Best of all", which I thought was a good transitional and descriptive phrase.

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