Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 8 2012-13

The geography game was a highlight of our week.  Played once with marshmallows, and played again with chocolate chips.
This week I learned...
Even Interest-Led Learning can result in Complaining.
Arrrr, I wasn't prepared for that.  But lesson learned.  I will be better prepared next week.

Monday: Lil G and I went to Library Storytime (Cowboy theme).  We planned to attend Gymnastics, but Z felt sick to her stomach, so we skipped it.  The piano teacher came that evening and we all had our piano lessons.

Wednesday: Nature Center class and AWANA

Thursday: Last day of horse back riding lessons.  The girls loved it.

Friday: Homeschool co-op.  A & G had a wonderful day at co-op.  Z just seemed to have one of those days.  In her HomeEc class, someone took her carefully crafted apple pie, so she got stuck with "the ugly one" that wasn't her's.  Other things happened in different classes, so I'll probably have to ask around and find out the whole story.  Z tends to have an odd series of unfortunate events, lol. 

Here's what we accomplished in our studies:

covered lessons 111 through 114 in Math, which touched on protractors, measuring circle angles, drawing her own angles, and drawing a perpendicular bisector.  She did not like that she wasn't allowed to eyeball the perpendicular bisector, and had to actually measure and draw with a compass. 

For Writing, she wrote several papers about puppies, and 1 experience story about the nature center class.  In Handwriting, she completed pages 44 - 49; which is covering Grammar while making the student form cursive letters from memory. 

We did 3 science experiments from the Scholastic eBook "Sandwich Bag Science Experiments".  The experiments seemed easy and "lame! we did this already" - according to A.  However...although the experiments were all things we'd done before on an elementary level, the book ties it in with some very good Science Vocabulary on a higher level.  So I'm quite impressed with the book and look forward to doing more experiments.  We covered things like monomers, polymers, and elastomers.  Also physical vs chemical changes, states of matter changes (physical), and chemical changes that cause an endothermic (takes away heat) or exothermic (gives off heat) reaction.

She read about 4 pages per day from the Welcome to Felicity's World 1774 book.  She would never admit it, but I think she might think it's actually interesting.  Maybe.

She also read through Matthew 8 for Bible.
She made several Draw Write Now pictures (animals), which turned out good.
She also played the Geography Game with us; not sure what she learned.
A reading Felicity, G scribbling on an old math book, and Z journaling

She covered lessons 99 through 101 in Math, which taught volume and fractions, and also included Test 10. 

She is at 1,900 words on her novel.  She also completed the obligatory pages 44-49 in Handwriting.

Dumb gooey Brazilian not-a-cookie
For Geography, me made these Brazilian cookie thingies, which tasted sweet, but was NOT the consistency of a cookie.  It was a mix of sweetened, condensed milk, butter, and baking cocoa powder, cooked on a stovetop.  Then it was supposed to be hard enough to form balls and roll in chocolate sprinkles, but it was more like the consistency of stringy caramel.  Not a cookie.  We are quickly learning that Kids' Cookbooks don't produce very viable recipes:)  We also played the Geography game, and she knows every single country in South America.

I still need to check her journal to see what animals and features of Brazil she read about.

In AWANA, she memorized verses and passed 5 sections! (This is a big accomplishment, as each section often has 2 or more verses each).

At bedtime, she started reading the Phantom Tollbooth and really likes it.
Last day of horseback riding lessons.  All 3 girls next to Chubz, a very sweet boy horse working hard to overcome the challenges of obesity.  We love you, Chubz!

We made a book together called Ten Tiny Turtles (one of the Scholastic eBooks I bought), and she glued most of the turtles in herself.

In B4FIAR, we read Ask Mr. Bear, and talked about it a bit.  We may try to pull it in again next week, since the book is about a mom's birthday, and it will be G's daddy's birthday next week. 

We worked on tracing the letter G with a dry erase marker.  She is using a story wheel to retell Humpty Dumpty (one of her favorite rhymes). 

She memorized her AWANA verses and said them to a leader on Wed night. 
Monday was the first time ever that she did the songs and dances at library storytime. 

She is absolutely LOVING the story of the Gingerbread Boy right now.  It's a rather long, archaic story, but we read it every night.  Maybe we'll pull that into next week and make some activities out of it.  I'm sure she'd love making her own edible gingerbread boy.  She loves how the gingerbread boy runs away from everyone (soooo much like her, that little stinker), and she especially loves that he gets eaten at the end, lol.  So, yeah, this might make a really good "b4fiar style" book!

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