Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 7, 2012-13

Here it is!  I know you were all waiting with baited breath, wondering "how did their interest-led week go?"  And now I can officially share...

Well, going "interest-led" and "goal oriented" didn't take more or less time than my work-book driven methods of old.  The kids seemed to run between 2-4 hours each day (some days were long, some were short).  I'm not sure if more was learned, or less (yet), but it was definitely less stressful.  I felt like I could take one thing, one person, at a time, without the entire world crumbling around me.  That was nice!  So here is what we accomplished:

In Math, she learned how to calculate Surface Area, tackled Problem Solving using volume and area, was introduced to World Time Zones, practiced 2-step story problem solving, and took a test.  She scored her own test, but it appears she did well in everything except...(wait for it)...Metric System.  Yeah.  Dead horse.  Whip.  LOL.  I'm sure if the book presented this blessed topic every day, she'd know it really well.  But as it is, our spiralling math doesn't seem to spiral the metric system as much as it needs to.  So maybe it isn't important. 

We worked on writing good, descriptive sentences, and built up to writing one good, solid paragraph.  She can write a paragraph pretty easily, especially if the information is coming straight from her brain.  She worked on those lowercase b's and d's, and starting sentences with a capital letter.  It's amazing the things she can do when she's given the right motivation.  Our goal was 70 points, which earns her a McD sandwich from the dollar menu.  She earned those points by Thursday:)  Next week, we'll work on pre-planning and ORGANIZATION of paragraphs, which I know she is going to hate me for...

She is doing just fine in cursive handwriting, but looking at her work now, I realize she was getting sloppy and downright lazy (she printed one of her answers, can you believe it?)  So I'll have to stay on top of that next week.

Science didn't go so well.  Or, it did, because she already knew the principles behind the things we were trying to prove.  I feel like we've "been there, done that" with just about every elementary level science experiment, and we need something more challenging.  Hmmmm. How do you do a challenging Jr. High level science with ONLY hands-on labs??? 

History...She enjoyed the Felicity book (1774) much better than previous history books ("enjoy" is such a strong word, and one that I inferred from our conversation when she said, "well, it was better than our last history book" yeah).  She wasn't too enthused about the crafts, though.  She read about 4 pages per day.

For Reading, she's reading all things by Gail Carson Levine (Ella Enchanted, Fairest).  She's reading the fairy tale books, but it's a quick read.  Time to find something else, and quick!

For Bible, she read the first 4 chapters of Matthew.
She did her Photography and Art assignments for co-op.  She practiced Piano.
Cooking: we tried to make French Cream Puffs from the International Cookbook for Kids, but we ended up with a big liquid goop, which was clearly not a puff.  So, we dumped in 4xs the amt of flour, and ended up with English scones, instead.

Math taught Symmetry, Circles, 3D Shapes, Perimeter, and Area.  She wrote approx 1500 words in her novel :)  She did the same pages for Handwriting as her big sis. 

Science: she read and journaled about gorillas, eagles, and a few other animals. 

Geography: she found Brazil and surrounding countries on the map.  She read about the Ameri Indians, and wrote about the mistreated people there.  We're having trouble finding recipes.  I think they eat a lot of fish, and odd (hard to find) items.  She is trying to learn a few phrases in Portugeuse. 

Reading: her book of choice is Mockingjay.  She is also reading some of the Gail Carson Levine books (she tends to read more than one book at a time, lol). 

Bible: she began AWANA and finished 4 sections on Wednesday night. 
Piano: she mastered that tricky Moonlight song that *I* can't even play (she has it memorized), and I helped her through the Rock Song, which now she plays very well.

Z on the couch - not feeling good and reading a book.  She actually smiled for this photo, but I think I pushed the button a second too late!
Both: we did Horse Riding lessons on Thursday.  A had gymnastics on Monday, but I kept Z home due to sickness.

Our B4FIAR theme this week was Blueberries for Sal. I drew up a list of activities to do for the week.  A & I both worked through the list of activities with G, and this was a very good thing to do.  Some of our activities:
Nature walk, studied deer foot prints, gathered colored leaves.
Dropped popcorn kernels into a metal pan to imitate the "kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk" from the storybook.
Dropped kernels into the pan with eyes closed, attempting to count the kerplinks.
Attempted to make a cave diorama with animals inside - this was a flop
Science: categorizing creatures into different categories.  I printed animal silhouettes, cut them out, and then we sorted them into Fish, Bug, Animal, and Bird groups.
Made our own gymnastics class (A did this with her)
Worked on her Bible verses for Cubbies - also attended her first night of Cubbies!
She also went to Library Storytime (theme: Colors)
We worked a bit on flashcards, too (5 names of family members)
G is sorting animals into different categories

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Jamie said...

Look, a less-stressed Mommy is ENOUGH of a good outcome, imnsho! lol! Seriously, it sounds like you are really on the right track with this way of doing things.