Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 6, 2012-13

See Z below, composing her own music...(it's a very good, upbeat song)
A below explains her Doodle Book.  She was getting ready for a sleepover, and wanted to bring a cool new Doodle Book with her (decorated with duct tape).
Sleepover on Tues - Wed. at friends' campsite and camper.  They went swimming, putt-putt golfing, and kayaking.  They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire.  Z felt sick on Thurs, but we managed horse back riding lessons.  Friday was the last day of school for the week before the start of our 1 week break.

We accomplished: 4 days of Math, 1 day of Spelling, 1 day of Grammar, and a few pages of Handwriting.  We wrote the 150 word essay about the innovation of the Smallpox vaccine.  We finished Unit 1 for Science (Week 5).  The kids had to research one of the zodiac constellations.  Z researched Scorpio & A researched Libra.  We sort of used the zodiac that lined with their birthdays...I say "sort of" because the zodiac dates shifted in 2000, and I'm not entirely sure how all those astrologers out there handle such a quirky occurance:)  I explained the shift, and let them chose.  I also included that 13th zodiac fellow that starts with an O as one of the options, LOL.  My poor children.  Nothing is black and white, especially when it comes to my teaching. 

A learned how to calculate the area of a circle (hello, pi!) and the area of a cylinder.  Z did a lot of practice with time zones - which was perfect timing.  Her daddy went to Colorado last week, so we did a lot of practicing outside of the math book, too (2 hour time difference). 

And now, we're taking a 1 week break.  We're going to re-group, set new goals, and discuss ways we can make our next 6 weeks productive (and less stressful for me).

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