Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Review, Week 09, 2012-13

Things we did this week:
Library storytime, Gymnastics, AWANA

A's accomplishments:
In Math, she covered lessons 115-119, which taught bisectors of an angle, and how to construct hexagons, equilateral triangles, right triangles and squares using a compass and protractor.

In Writing, she wrote a 2 paragraph Compare/Contrast essay, and each paragraph was required to have a topic sentence, and 3-4 supporting sentences.  She also wrote other paragraphs throughout the week, some in cursive.

History: she is one week away from finishing Welcome to Felicity's World. 

Science: we did two science experiments. The first one was about chemical changes that cause changes in properties.  The second one was about air pressure; we blew into a balloon and released it into the air, and we used trapped air to lift a heavy book.

Bible: she read a few chapters from the book of Matthew.  She is also teaching G her awana verse, and is a Cubbies leader on awana night.

In Handwriting, she finished through page 54 of Can Do Cursive, where she had to answer questions about her day.

Cursive assignment to write about your day using adverbs: "I always eat ramen noodles. I never eat carrots. I always want a puppy. I never like school. I always think Georgie is cute."
She practiced piano, but did not complete her photography or art assignments.  It was a rather busy week, so I'm hoping she will get these done early next week.

She made some quizzes using Powerpoint on the computer, and made her own graphics.

She's continuing to read Gail Carson Levine books, and just started the Two Princesses of Barmarre.

Z's accomplishments:
In Math, she covered lessons 102-106, dealing with Fractions.  She worked on equivalent fractions, GCF, Reducing fractions to lowest term, and ordering/comparing fractions.

She wrote just over 2,000 words in her robot novel and decided to put that project on hold.  She began a Chose Your Own Adventure novel with pictures, and it is a pretty neat story.  I can't wait to share it here when it is done.

She completed through page 55 in Can Do Cursive.  For one assignment, she had to describe her favorite food.
Handwriting assignment to write about your favorite food: "Carrots are orange.  they taste like the best thing on earth. they feel hard and crunchy yet sweet.  they are very healthy."

She read and journaled mostly about various lizards for science. 

For geography, she practiced all the countries in South America, and finished reading about Brazil.  We are chosing a new country / continent for next week.

She finished reading The Phantom Tollbooth, and a Cricket in Times Square.  She tried to read Eragon, but found it boring. 

She completed 7 sections in AWANA and earned her second badge.

G's preschool:
Goat theme at Library Storytime.
Completed her Cubbies verse at awana, with big sister A teaching.
Learned how to make Gingerbread Boy cookies.
Mom tried to make a neat fold-out Gingerbread Boy book, but it got destroyed.  Immediately.
Played with clay.
Read lots of picture books.
Raked and jumped in leaves.
Went on many nature walks, spotted colored leaves, and took some tricycle rides (without using the pedals, lol).

On Saturday is Day of the Horse in our small town.  I'm hoping to get some neat activities in this weekend.  We'll be celebrating Daddy's birthday on Saturday (which sorta completes the whole B4FIAR book Ask Mr Bear - that book just wasn't our favorite.  I think it was the weird funky colors of the illustrations).

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