Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Break

We had our 1st week break. It gave me some time to process some veggies from our garden and do a little laundry and lesson planning. One week just doesn't seem long enough! 

We watched the 6 hr movie Prude and Prejudice. I wanted to watch it, plus I wanted the kids to become acquainted with that quirky way of speaking:) I barely got to watch half of it due to 3yo interruptions, boohoo; but the kids have been properly introduced to the culture of the times.

We had our 1st co-op, hooray! I am happy to report that all 3 kids love all 4 of their classes (do the math - it's 12 very successful classes). I can tell the kids will learn a ton thru co-op this year.

G(3) is taking:
When I Grow Up
Playdo and More
Show and Tell
Nursery Rhymes

Z(9) is taking:
American Icons (about American symbols)
Back to Basics (cooking and household stuff)
Upcycling 101 (turning trash into useful and stylish treasure)
Mixin' It Up Fine Art (drawing and art techniques)

A (11) is taking:
Backyard Ballistics
Mixin' It Up Fine Art
It's Not Magic, It's Science

I'm getting plans pulled together for next week. So far, everything has been easy enough to plan except A's science experiments and writing assignments, argh! (That's why I like workbooks, lol!)

Pictures: celebrating the 1st day of public school at Dairy Queen. Z's wind chime upcycling project using yarn and milk bottles. A's rocket from Backyard Ballistics, which I wish I had seen launch in class.

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Mrs. Stash said...

I think I like the idea of going somewhere typically "too crowded" to celebrate the first day of public school! Maybe next year I will plan to go to the zoo or something. Hmmm. Field trip?! :)