Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Science & History

Z is mixing borax/water solution with white glue.  We have to wait 10 mins for the chemical change, so A brought over her history book to share gross and shocking facts about barbers.
Below is the final results of the borax & white glue mixture.  We talked about chemical changes changing the properties of borax and white glue into something completely different (rubbery and bouncy!).

Notice the 3yo playing with a sharp compass while singing something about "crazy", lol.  I NEVER let her play with the compass, honest!  I just happened to be paying more attention to the flubber at that moment than what was in the 3yo's hand.  Right in front on Mom's naked eye...

Today was one of those full days of school.  We didn't get started until almost 11am, and finished around 4pm.  Of course, it included a few play breaks with the 3yo.  We made shortbread cookies and made crust for a pot pie for dinner. 

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